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Due to the sanitary emergency from the spread of the Covid-19 Virus, many family businesses and freelancers found themselves, all of the sudden, having to deal with an unexpected situation: closing their businesses and having trouble surviving… This lead to great distress, mainly for those who must continue to bear daily expenses without any income.


Therefore, to help family businesses, freelancers with individual firms and their families, who are hit most by this crisis, VaiAvanti APS launched a CrowdFunding campaign to raise awareness and support them, with the goal of expanding in all of Italy starting from Milan and Lombardy region. 



The funds will form the “Reddito di Sopravvivenza Urbana” (Urban Survival Income), a material and financial contribution for citizens of the aforementioned categories, who can apply through the website www.vaiavanti-aps.org. 






We are proposing an innovative and strategic solution to ensure the survival of citizens and businesses that are unable to enjoy the privileges of smart working, redundancy funds, and personal economic sustenance. 


If you want to support our project and help these citizens, you can contribute with a voluntary donation through the website www.vaiavanti-aps.org. 


It’s never too late to do good, and help someone in need… Let’s move forward with #VaiAvantiLombardia


The kit of Urban Survival Income (Reddito di Sopravvivenza Urbana) contains: 


  • A POS terminal for your own business (with lower transaction costs compared to italian banks) connected to a virtual currency account (with own IBAN code) and n debit cards assoicated. 
  • “All risk” Insurance coverage for family and business.
  • Shopping vouchers with credit on the aforementioned account to use freely for shopping for your family or business. 
  • Sanitizing device (99.9%) for closed spaces (+/- 30 to 40 square meters) for residential or commercial location use. 



  • Freelancers with individual firms will receive €300 monthly.
  • Families with a family business will receive €1000 monthly.

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